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If that title doesn’t have you giddy with excitement then I just don’t know you.

I was pretty excited last week when this shows up in our mail box:


Here are some items in the catalog that I quite like…

Wing ChairLet’s start with the love of my life Strandmon Wing Chair. I think this one came out last year and every time I go to Ikea I stroke it lovingly. Realistically I have nowhere in my house currently where it would fit/work. But gosh this chair is so stickin’ cute, I can find a place for it.

Also pictured is the Raskog cart that came out last year as well. I’ve seen so many people with this and I want it. It comes in a pretty turquoise that would just look fab in my craft room. This one is actually practical for me, but not sure if I like the $50 price tag that comes with it.

Double Light This new Hemma cord set is a definite buy for me next time I’m there. It’s a cheap way to create a cute light fixture. And I just found that they actually have a triple cord version as well for $5 more, not bad. I like the Hemsta shades pictured as well, it’s a cute combination. I don’t like the idea of the bulb being exposed underneath though, so I’d probably DIY a piece on the bottom to diffuse the light a bit. I’ve been trying to find a cute pendant for my craft/computer room and I’m thinking this might be it.

WallShelf The new Hjalmaren wall shelf is so cute! You can never have too much shelving, right? I’m not sure what I’d do with it, but again, I could find something for it; perhaps a cute bookshelf somewhere, or it might be cute in our basement (which is almost finished!) with all of our board games on it. I could also do something similar to the picture and use it in our main bathroom for cute towel storage. There’s also a similar towel holder with rungs from hanging towels.

Finally, these new Ikea storage modules where all over the catalog. I’m not really sure what to think of them. They’re open on 3 sides, and I guess there are additional pieces to cover up a 4th side, so you can stack them together however you want.StorageBoxes But $45 per box seems a little excessive. They look nice and sturdy, but it’s just a box in the end.

And a few more items that caught my eye:
• The new Nockeby couch collection looks nice and comfy.
• The storage tray table is kind of fun and colourful. I think it would be cute for a kids room or a dorm.

And a few items that I didn’t like so much:
• I think this corner cabinet is so ugly!
• I’m also not a fan of this weird triangle, hanging wall shelf.

Have you had a chance to look at the new Ikea catalog yet? What Ikea items are you in love with?