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On Sunday we checked out of our hotel and headed to the port. I thought we’d show up to a giant line of people, but the whole process was actually very smooth and quick (Yay NCL!). We went with Norwegian Cruise Line. I’d actually been on an NCL cruise before when my friend Kylie took me with her family on a Mediterranean cruise. I enjoyed it then and their prices are good. Plus, they haven’t had any large accidents like other large cruise companies. So I decided to go with them this time.

Here’s a shot of our ship the Dawn (docked next to the Jewel in Cozumel):


We went with the cheapest room possible which was an inside room. Most rooms are the same size (unless you have a giant suite!), the difference is how big your window is. But considering you’re at sea most of the time, we didn’t really care about having a window. It was a little disorienting having now clue if it was night or day, or what the weather was like, but we could just pop the TV on to the ship weather channel, or to the bow cam.

I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of our room, but here’s they layout from the website. It was tiny, but just fine for us.


Here’s what it looked like, just with the beds pushed together:

Then there were the awesome towel animals:

Some shots around the ship. I guess I didn’t take many. I know I have some pictures of the pool deck on the waterproof camera, I just need to get it developed.

Gingerbread Christmas Village
Chocolate Party

Chocolate Party!


There were a bunch of restaurants on board. Some of the nicer ones required a cover charge, but we stuck with the free ones. There’s the main buffet which is open all the time and it’s come and go as you please. We ate 99% of our meals there. One night we went to one of the restaurants where you’re waited on.

They have drink packages you can buy for alcohol or soft drink. We opted not to do either and stuck with water and juice. We actually only spent about $10 of our own money the whole time on board, and that was in the duty free store for a watch.

Also on board they had a mini arcade. We had $25 of onboard credit to use, so we used most of it there.


There was a gym (I planned to use this, but never did), spa, tennis/basketball courts, pools and spas. They had plenty of things going on all the time like karaoke, bingo, pool partys, etc. In the evening there was always a main show in the theatre and various game shows & dance parties.

It just felt really good to sit out on the deck in the warm weather.

We attempted to catch the sunset on the last night, but the horizon was a little cloudy.


Still to come: our port adventures!

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