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Harry Potter Halloween Party

Posted by on Nov 22, 2015 in Holidays & Events, My Life | 3 comments

Themed parties are so much fun to throw. I become a bit of a fiend. When we decided to throw a Halloween party again this year (here’s last year’s party) I took to Pinterest. Then I discovered a Harry Potter themed party pin and I was a goner. With our (then) impending trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Zack and I were both rereading through the HP books and watching the movies, so we were in full Potter mode.

With the help of one of my friends, I think we put together a pretty awesome party.

I started with the invites. It was just a facebook event, but I made a fun little ticket for the event header:

Hogwarts Ticket 2

First, the costumes, of course Zack and I went as Harry and Hermione.


Our friends Steve and Suzanne went as death eaters. Also, I had a time turner, here’s a selfie with it on:


I got almost all the ideas from Pinterest. You can check out my board here.

Of course, there’s no Harry Potter without a Honeydukes:


The decorations were so much fun!


I’m quite pleased with my Have You Seen This Wizard photo booth.


It was so much fun! I’ll admit that a lot of the decorations are still up, I don’t want to take them down!

I’m ready for the next themed party. I’m thinking a super hero party!

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Tea Party Wedding Shower Inspiration

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in DIY & Crafts, Holidays & Events | 2 comments

In September I’m going to be maid of honour for my friend’s wedding. It’s my first time as a bride’s maid and we’re going up north for it, so I’m super excited!

I am officially in charge of the shower and she’s decided to go with a tea party theme. The party planning monster within me has been unleashed and I’m brimming with ideas (why wasn’t I aware of Pinterest before my wedding?!). So I thought I’d share some cute things I’ve found that are inspiring me, and see if anyone has any fun ideas. I’ve never been in charge of a shower before (well, I guess I ended up doing a lot of the planning for mine), so any suggestions are welcome!

Desert Table
TeaBag Cookies
Tea and Coffee

And of course I’ll have to find a cute outfit to wear (which could be a whole inspiration post on its own):


I just love all the pinks and golds and the doilies. I have to start trying to hunt down a bunch of tea cups and saucers. I’m going to start at Salvation Army. Any other suggestions?

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of deserts at this shower…

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DIY Throw Pillows

Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in DIY & Crafts, Holidays & Events, Home Decor | 1 comment


I know that it’s now past Christmas, but it’s something to keep in mind for next year, plus you can actually do it for any holiday season, or just to have some cute throw pillows lying around.

For today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make your own Christmas decor cushions out of placemats. I saw this on somebody’s blog a year ago (I can’t remember who/where) and kept it in mind ever since. And when I spotted some placemats on sale for 50% off I couldn’t resist.

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Halloween Photo Booth

Posted by on Oct 29, 2014 in Holidays & Events | 3 comments

Yesterday I shared some details from my Halloween party, today I’m going to share some photos from the photo booth.

Zack and I as Mal and Jayne from Firefly
Stephanie and JT won best costume for their Ash and Pickachu
With Mary as a grown up Northwest
Katherine and Loren totally would have won the costume contest if they were there when we voted
Suzanne the cat

These are the only people I managed to snag on my camera

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How to Throw an Awesome Halloween Party

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in DIY & Crafts, Holidays & Events | 3 comments

Our party this weekend was a huge success! I had many people complementing me on my decorations and all the work I put into everything. So here some fun tips and tricks for an awesome Halloween party.


Of course pinterest is your best friend. One of my favourite things that I found on there and was a big hit was the Jello “Shots”. The cheapest I could find the syringes was on Amazon. They were a bit pricey so I only got one pack and then some regular little plastic cups. I didn’t follow a specific recipe, just the recipe on the Jello box and replaced the cold water with Vodka.


They were awesome and worked perfectly. I put some ice in a bowl and sat them inside and refilled as the night went on. I put an empty bowl next to them for the discarded syringes so no one would throw them away.

The other pin I absolutely loved was the Mummy Jars. I already had the mason jars, and I found the guaze at the dollar store and a pack of googly eyes at Michaels for a few dollars. I just used tape to stick the guaze down, wrapped it and used tape to stick the eyes on. It would be really cute to put little LED votives in them for decoration, but I used mine to hold the cute Halloween straws I found at the dollar Store.


Side note: The dollar store was my best friend. I couldn’t believe how much fun little things they had, and how quickly it all sold out. I got most stuff a month before the party, and it was almost all gone the day of the party, a whole week before Halloween.

I’ve wanted to do a photo booth forever! I found the Halloween pendant paper at Michaels and spent a few dollars on the pack with a 40% off coupon. Then I bought the twine and strung it up. The stand and backdrop I already owned.


For the props I just googled around and found various sites with free printables (here, here & here). One suggested putting them on foam core board, but it was hard to cut and not have jagged edges. So I ended up just using spray adhesive and some black card stock. Then it was easy to cut it out with regular scissors. I bought some dowels at Michaels and glued and taped them to the props. I made another little mummy jar to hold the props in.


For some decorations I found a simple bat template online and used that on the card stock paper and cut out a bunch! I think they turned out great!


I also strung up a bunch of black and orange streamers and we did a big web on the stairs to the basement… kinda forgot to take pics of those.

For food/snacks I baked some cupcakes and used some graphic liners and little plastic ghost & bat things that I got from the dollar store. I found a cardboard cupcake stand at Michaels to display them.


Most of the serving bowls/plates I actually found at the dollar store.


Throw in some music, ping pong, darts and some Cards Against Humanity and it was a fun night!

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