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Saturday Roundup #2

Posted by on Apr 11, 2015 in Lists, Saturday Roundup | 3 comments

Here’s my latest roundup of things found around the interweb…

Saturday Roundup

• Erin from TexErin in SydneyLand will be hosting a cute Meet the Felines link up this coming Thursday 16th where everyone shares their adorable cats. I’ll be joining in on the fun!

• Jessica’s Google Diary for Anna and the French Kiss is really cool. She shares the real places, books and people found in the book.

• If you’re looking for some fun posters, I really love the dftba poster store. There’s a good mix of posters, a lot are John Green quotes, but there are some geeky Doctor Who, Harry Potter, etc posters. And there are several cute bookish ones too. I actually have a couple on my wall (which I’ll share when I eventually get to showing updates from my computer/craft room). They’ve got lots of fun stuff in the rest of the store too (totes want those LBD DVDs).

• I love this DIY barn door Jenna Sue recently shared on her blog. I wish I had somewhere in my house where I could build one of these (also check out the rest of her blog, her house is gorgeous and I’m envious of the laundry room she’s building).

• I think this one made the rounds a little while ago, but I love this buzzfeed article of bookish jewelry. I’m not a huge Divergent fan, but I really love the bird necklace (the Harry Potter Time Turner necklace is also pretty awesome).

Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend!!

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Saturday Roundup #1

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Lists, Saturday Roundup | 8 comments

This is a new thing that I hope to do every now and then where I share a few interesting things that I’ve found out there in the world wide web recently.

Saturday Roundup

• I really like this digital stamp set that Meredith has in her shop at Charlie Fox Paper Co. And they’re only $3.99. (Check out her site too, i love her project life pages!)

• I love this bookish post from Kristen @ See You in a Porridge where she shares “The Problems Only Book Lovers Understand”. All of them are totally true

Cait over at Paper Fury shared this awesome post about how to get more comments on your blog that EVERY blogger should read.

• Here’s a cute and easy DIY felt ball garland that Tania over at Run to Radiance made. I recently made something similar with fabric for my friends wedding shower. It’ll make it’s way on to the blog eventually.

• Did you see the Paper Towns trailer? It’s my least favourite John Green book, but it looks like the movie should be good:

That’s all for my Saturday Roundup this week. Let me know what interesting things you’ve found out there, or if you have something you want me to share next week, let me know!

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