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3 Years With This Guy

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in My Life, Wedding | 4 comments

3 years ago today I got married!


I won’t get too sappy. I love this guy, he’s my best friend. It’s amazing how well we fit together. Every night I love coming home to him, even if we just sit in a room together and watch TV. I love going on adventures with him and can’t wait for the even more amazing adventures to come.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 3 years.


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Wedding Details – 1000 Paper Cranes

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in DIY & Crafts, Wedding | 6 comments


The idea for the paper cranes came to me about 6 months before the wedding. I’ve loved making paper cranes ever since I heard the story of Sadako & the 1000 Paper Cranes when I was in year 5 and I’ve always wanted to make 1000. It’s also traditional for brides to make 1000 to show that they have patience, and all that good stuff, and it’s believed that if you make 1000 you get a wish. So I decided why not?!

This would have been a much easier task had I used actual origami paper, but I wanted specific colours and most packs online are multi-colour so I just went to Michaels and bought a pack of colour paper. Of course, the paper is not square, so a lot of hours were spent cutting the paper to size. I used the purple, blue and teal paper and started folding away. I calculated out how many I had to fold each day to make it on time, and kept a track of how many were folded each day. 1000 is a lot more than you think! I would just sit and fold away while watching TV.

I looked around online for different things to do to display the cranes. There’s the traditional way to hang them:


But I wanted you to be able to see the individual cranes. I found a bunch of pictures online where people had strung them individually. So I kind of just went for it. I bought some fishing wire, beads and little crimping beads to keep the beads in place on the wire. I wanted to do this behind the head table, so the next time I was at the event hall I measured the curtained area behind it. I then cut the wire to length and randomly spaced the cranes out so that when all the strings were hung they looked random and not in a straight line.


I’m not going to lie, the night before the wedding I was up ’till midnight stringing cranes (with the help of my wonderful sister!). It actually only took a few hundred of the cranes, so I decided to place the extras on the table with the favours. I’ve still got a couple of hundred of loose cranes that are all over my basement floor because Helo loves to smack them around the floor (they started in a bag that he got into).


But I’m so happy with how it turned out! It was such a lovely backdrop for photos.

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Wedding Details – Table Names & Cards

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in DIY & Crafts, Wedding | 2 comments

I thought it would be fun to share some details from our wedding. I did most of the wedding planning myself, not that I didn’t have people offering to help, just that I was having so much fun with it I wanted to do it all myself. I’m also not very good at delegating things.

This is one of the areas where we decided to implement more of our personalities into the wedding. We decided to name each table something a little more fun, and then have explanations as to why these things relate to us. Zack wrote them, and I put the font and graphics together. I then printed them out and put them on coloured card stock and had them laminated.

(click each to view large)

They were a huge hit, a lot of people were talking about them and good conversation starters for all of Zack’s realatives that I didn’t know too well.

Here are some photos of them in action at the wedding:


Photo courtesy of my brother in possession of my camera. Half of his pictures were out of focus because he decided to use manual focus.

This is from one of Zack’s family friends or relatives… not sure who, but they gave us a bunch of great pics, thanks!

My sister modeling the Dalek. Photo from the disposable cameras on the tables

For the seating cards, I just did a simple design and then printed them out on blue and purple cardboard stock. I’m fairly certain I specifically alternated colours alphabetically so they looked good when set out, but whoever set them out clearly doesn’t know their ABCs.

I blurred the names out. Not that I think my brother would really care.

Coming up next: wedding cake, 1000 paper cranes, guest book & favours.

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