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This is a really fun and easy DIY project to make cute Quote Canvases. You can use a book quote, lyrics, or even someone’s name.


All you need is a canvas, alphabet stickers, paint and a brush.

I knew I wanted a Pride & Prejudice quote, so I googled around and decided that “What a shame, for I dearly love to laugh” is so cute and fun.

First I figured out how many of each letter I would need so I got enough sticker sheets. I had 5 a’s and only 4 in a pack, so I had to get 2 (no harm, more for me!). I cut out the letters from the sheet so that I could move the letters around to make it all look even before sticking them down.


Of course the letters I chose were white, so it’s a little hard to see.

Once I had all the letters/words roughly where I liked, I stuck the stickers down.


Originally I had the idea to do sort of an ombre look like this:


But as I started painting, I really liked how the paint was going on the canvas, so I decided to just do that on the whole canvas.


I was almost tempted to leave the stickers on. I like how they were teal, but were outlined in white.


In fact, I almost like this better than the final product. But I decided to go ahead with my original plan and I peeled the stickers off.


I’m still really happy with how this turned out. There are a few imperfections that I could nitpick at, but overall it looks good.

I haven’t hung it yet, but I plan to hang it next to my bookshelf when I’m done painting it. I may be a little teal’d out at this point though. Time to bring in another colour.

What do you think?