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Creating a pin cushion out of a mason jar that stores your extra pins.


Items You’ll Need
-mason jar
-scissors/rotary blade
-some sort of stuffing. Cotton balls would probably be a better choice
-hot glue gun
-writing utensil

pincushion3First I took the lid off of the mason jar and used the flat circle part of the lid that detaches from the ring to trace a circle on the cardboard. I would recommend using thinner cardboard, like from a shoe box, instead of the mailing box cardboard I used. My finished product was very hard to get the lid to twist on properly. Cut the circle out and make sure it fits in the lid. I chose to use cardboard over the original metal of the lid because I knew the hot glue wouldn’t stick to the metal.

pincushion5Next I cut out a square of fabric that I would be using. looks like I cut mine about 8×8 inches. I then flipped the ring of the jar lid upside down and placed the fabric over it face down and began putting my “stuffing” in. I used some quilt batting. I think using cotton balls would be a better choice. Mine is a little tough to push the pins into. Keep stuffing and pushing it through the ring of the lid until you feel that you have the size you want.



pincushion8 Then you take the cardboard circle you cut earlier and put it on top of all the stuffing, pushing it to the top of the metal ring so that there’s no stuffing between the cardboard and the metal ring. It should all be pushed up through the hole. Then you want to cut off your excess fabric, and glue the fabric down to the cardboard. Make sure you’re keeping everything nice and tight.



And once it dries you’re done! Hopefully it screws on nicely.


The great thing is if you get bored with the fabric it’s really easy to just make a new one. I may end up redoing mine with thinner cardboard and cotton balls for the stuffing. But so far it has been working great for me.