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Right now our front entrance looks like this:


The plan is to hopefully replace the front door this spring with one that has windows so that we’re getting more natural light in (as opposed to the dark tunnel it is now). And I’m thinking of painting the back of it a bright fun colour (maybe teal?). I also still need to paint the bathroom door black like the closet.


The horribly unappealing shoe rack will disappear when we finally transform our laundry room into a mudroom. I’m thinking of shifting the table in the middle and perhaps putting a mirror above it (yes, that’s a 2013 calendar up there right now). I’ve found a few mirrors online that I really like:


My personal favourite is B. I’ve been eying that one for months at Kohls, but even with a coupon it’s a little more than what I currently want to pay for a mirror. I’ve got my fingers crossed for clearance. Oh! I just found a smilar one at Target for $25!! It’s gold, but that can easily be changed.

I’m not sure about the gold in D which is also from Kohls, but I like the teal which I think would look awesome with a similar colour on the door. A & C are pretty simple. A isfrom Target here & C from Kohls here, but they’re a little more in my price range.

Here’s a little mood board I put together… yea, I’m mood boarding now, check me out!


I picked navy only because I have some navy fabric to make cushion covers, and I thought it would be nice to tie that in to the living room

What do you think? Have a different suggestion? Decorating just isn’t really my thing so I’d love some feedback.