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Today I’m going to show you how to make a simple no-sew tutu. These are great for kids photographs or just for playing dress-up! All you need is some tulle and ribbon.


You’ll need some sort of band to tie your tulle to. I like ribbon, but in this tutorial I used elastic. My friend said she uses elastic headbands. Cut your elastic to the measurement of the waist of the person you’re making. I cut mine about an inch smaller so it will sit tight. If you’re using ribbon make sure you have enough extra to tie a bow. With the elastic you will need to sew the ends together, so if you’re looking for 100% no sew, you’ll need to use ribbon.


For the tulle pieces, you want the width to be about 6 inches. For the length of your pieces, take how long you want the tutu, and double it. I was making mine for my 3 year-old niece so I measured about 22 inch strips so the tut ends up about 11 inches long. How many pieces you need depends on the size of your tutu and how thick you want it. I usually just cut a bunch of strips and once they’re all used up I continue to cut as I need them.

Take your first strip of tulle and fold it in half longways. Take the loop end and hold it over your waistband.


Take the ends of the tulle and loop it over the band and through the loop of the tulle, and pull it tight.


Continue tying your tulle around the band. It doesn’t matter what way you’re tying the tulle (starting with your tulle lying on top or underneath your band before you knot it), as long as you do it the same every time. No matter what side of the knot you like to be on the outside, you can flip the tutu inside out to whatever side you want.

Here is the way it was as I was tying:


But I actually like the other side of the knot better:


But I continued tying the way I started and then just flipped my tutu inside out when I was done.

If you want a fuller skirt, push your knots as close together as possible until you have the fullness you desire.


You can have a lot of fun with this with different colours or you can cut your pieces to different lengths. Go crazy!


Here’s a picture of my adorable niece playing dress-up with a previous tutu I made for her. This one I did with a ribbon.


I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m still on a huge high from the Veronica Mars movie!