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View my pre-move-in video house tour here, or pic tour here

We’ve been in the house about 4 months now, and I feel like we should be more unpacked an organized than we really are. But I guess it’s no surprise seeing as how I found a box that was still untouched from 2 moves ago. oops.

But I thought I would start giving some updates on our progress.

So here’s how our bedroom looked like before we moved in:


Before moving in, I painted the trim white as a lot of it was slightly cream-ish.

Look, here I am painting trim!


We knew from day one that we wanted to do a fun colour in the bedroom, and that it would be some sort of blue. While painting the rest of the house I kept testing various paint swatches on the wall. Zack and I apparently had different shades of blue in mind. I wanted to go with something more like this:
While Zack wanted more like:B2

But our decision was made for us on one of many trips to Home Depot. We discovered a cart of mixed but abandoned paint that was really cheap. And in that cart, was a $7 can of blue interior satin paint. Bargain! If it ended up looking horrible, it was only $7 wasted and can be painted over. I’m not sure what the exact colour is called, it didn’t say on the can. But it’s Behr brand.

So i taped up my beautifully painted white trim…

And we began painting. As usual, I cut in while Zack rolled. I was instantly in dislike with the colour, but I kept my opinion to myself. I knew I’d felt the same way with the computer room at first but fell in love with it once we removed the tape and it looked fabulous with the bright white trim.

It took two coats over a couple of days and then we moved the tape and I think it turned out ok. I’m not in love with it:

It kinda makes me think of a babies room…. oh and the carpet is all nice and clean, we rented a carpet cleaner from home depot for about $20 and cleaned all the rooms the night before we moved in.

But I’m ok with it for now. I’ll probably change it in a few years.

After one night of sleeping in the room we knew the blinds were going to have to go. Cats + blinds = noisy. So we went curtain shopping. I knew I wanted something simple and in black and white. There’s already enough colour in the room. We ended up with plain white panels from Ikea that you just have to shorten to your desired length. Then I bought a white duvet cover because ours was dark and light blue striped and clashed horribly with the walls. And here’s how the room is looking today:



oh look, there’s the dresser I painted!

I don’t really like the current layout of the room. I’d like the bed to be under the window in the above picture, but then we’d have to move the dresser into an awkward position because the wardrobe is at the opposite end. But I’ll figure something out. And the little cube storage is supposed to go at the end of the bed. It’s also supposed to have the teal cube boxes in it, but for whatever reason, Helo loves the material of them and scratches the crap out of them (in the middle of the night to wake me up. Jerk).

(Please ignore my huge pile of laundry I need to put away)

So what’s next for this room?

I plan to remove the giant mirror on the closet door and put up our Ikea Krabb mirrors you see in the corner there. The doors are also getting painted. I still haven’t 100% decided if they’re going black or white yet. I’m leaning towards black. Thoughts?

There’s also a serious need for organization and wall decoration. Two things I’m pretty horrible at. So I don’t even know where to being with that.

You may have also noted a round hall in the wall under one of the windows. That’s actually from a phone jack, but an ancient four prong phone jack that I never knew existed until we got this house. I have a plane white cover I just need to screw on over it.

And that’s our master bedroom so far. What do you think?!