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I decided to make my new computer room the test paint room, for both colour and process. Here are a couple of before pictures.


I knew that I was going with white trim and grey walls. I decided to start with the trim, seeing as I wouldn’t have to worry about taping the top of the trim to protect the wall. I wasn’t really sure how to go about not painting the carpet, so of course I youtube’d and found a video with a really dull old guy explaining 3 different options (unfortunately I can’t find the exact video I watched, but if you search youtube there’s dozens of them). The first was to free hand it, which looked pretty easy, I mean, I have a steady hand. The second was to use a tool to hold the carpet down while you paint that part, but I was worried about the carpet still getting wet. The third was to tape the carpet down. While I felt pretty confident about option 1, I went with option 3 and taped the carpet down, pushing the edge of the tape under the trim:


Of course, within 5 seconds I had already hit the tape, so yay for option 3! I used Glidden’s Marshmallow white. Doesn’t look any different than any other white. I only did the one coat since I was painting white over white anyway. I did patch up a couple of spots where you could still see some blue marks through the paint.

I let that dry for a day and then began the real fun. I taped up the trim and ceiling and unscrewed all the outlet and switch covers. Zack and I began cutting in at the edges while my step dad Mark started rolling. I chose Glidden’s “Granite Grey” in the duo paint and primer in one and pretty quickly decided it was a little too dark (hence the practice room!). We ended up needing to do a second coat, but I’m so happy with the final look!


The choice to tape the ceiling was a poor one. It looked horrible so I had to go back with a brush to straighten the lines a little. I also learned that you shouldn’t go cheap with the painter’s tape. Home Depot has a few kinds, green “frog” tape, blue painter’s and then some cheap white stuff. I used the cheaper white stuff for the ceiling and it’s just horrible. It stinks when you’re putting it on and it just doesn’t do the job properly. The blue and the green both work really well, so we ended up using the green for the rest of the house as it’s as cheap as the skinny blue tape, but wider, and it comes in a little plastic container which we used to put paint in for cutting in at the trim.

We decided to go with a lighter shade for the rest of the house, but funny enough, we both really like the grey in this room the most. My next project is painting the ugly brown doors, which I started today, and I’m not sure what to do with the closet yet. The attachment to the track on one of the doors is broken, so I’m not sure if I’m just going to try and fix that, or just take the doors off completely and paint inside the closet and put up shelves or something.

Another easy little thing we did to update the room was to change out the light switch and I’m working on changing out any outlets (like the middle one). I also plan on cleaning and spray painting the vents.