Hello! I’m Samantha! I’m 25, and married to this cutie who I live with in Farmington Hills, MI. Zack and I had a very quick “courthsip”. We were engaged at 7 months and married at 19 months. But you just know when you’ve found “The One”. Here’s the story of how we met.

We’ve been married for 3+ years, and almost 2 years ago we purchased our first house. We’ve been spending a lot of time painting and finishing the basement and I’ve discovered a love for DIY projects. I have a huge list of things I want to update in the house, including the overwhelming task of painting all of the doors. That was a bigger undertaking that I’d thought. We’ve also learned that home ownership comes with a lot of work (OMG taking care of the yard). But it’s been a really fun adventure for us and I’m so excited for all the adventures ahead of us.

We share our house with two three adorable, little furry guys, Helo, Garrus & our latest addition Oswin.


Helo is my baby. When we went to the animal shelter, I opened up one of cages and while the others continued to sleep or play with each other, he walked over to me and started purring. It was instant love, I had to have him. He also spent the first 9 months with us sleeping on my head at night. Totally miss it. Garrus we actually didn’t get until 4 months later. We got another cat with Helo that we names Brambles. A couple of months later we found that he had a rare fatal disease and we lost him a couple of months after that. He and Helo were the best of friends.

But we got Garrus so that Helo would still have a friend to play with, although I think Helo would’ve been a good solo cat instead of having Garrus biting him all the time, lol. But they’re a lot of fun, although I do wish they were lap cats… which is why I tempted fate by getting Oswin in November of 2014. And now I successfully have a lap cat! Of course the older cats are super irritated with her kitten energy, but they tolerate each other.

So I actually grew up in Australia. When I was 13 my Mum decided to run off to US to marry an American. She brought my brother Nathan and I and left my older sister Carlie in Australia to finish out her last year of high school. So it kinda sucks being on the opposite side of the world from half of my family. Especially since my sister is now pregnant. I am an auntie to my step-sister’s little 4 year-old Katherine. There’s no huge love between my step-sister and I, but I adore Katherine.


I love photography! I actually went to school for film (I was going to be the next Joss Whedon) but discovered a more realistic dream with photography. I’m not sure if I plan to make a full time career out of it, but I wouldn’t mind supplementing my income a little with it. You can check out my WIP photography site here.

For now, life is about getting my house in order and going on adventures with my husband until we have kids in a few years.