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Lately I’ve been envisioning grand plans for my computer/craft room. Right now I have a desk for my computer, but no actual work table. Every time I need to use the sewing machine I have to pull it out and take it out to the kitchen table. And right now the room is pretty much a dumping ground for everything. Here it is in all it’s glory. I didn’t even try cleaning for you. This is the real Samantha:


Right now the room isn’t really being used because my desktop computer is out of commission. But I’d like to make the room more functional by first getting a table in there. I was at Ikea on Saturday and spotted this Linnmon/Alex combination:

Linnmon Alex Desk

I really like that it’s really long. I could set up the sewing machine on one end and still have the other end of the table open to do crafts. I also like all of the drawer space.

I also spotted this Expedit Work station on on their website:


I LOVE all the storage, but not sure how well this would work in the room. There’s a smaller 8 cube version as well.

Another desk combo that I’ve been seeing is a counter height table with cube storage sides. Similar to this one I found on the Target website:


I’ve seen a lot of people DIYing this with the cube storage shelves and adding a top. The only problem I have with this is that I couldn’t use it for the sewing machine.

I’ve also been pondering a built-in bookcase for the back wall. I love this one that Tania over at Run To Radiance did in her craft room:


Isn’t it awesome? I think I’d paint the back of it a fun colour. I also love her craft room in general:


Here’s a craft room I found on pinterest that has the ikea desk. It actually fits nicely in the corner:


Another thought I have is to maybe pull up the carpet if the hardwood underneath is still in good condition and get a rug for the room, but that’s probably for way in the future. I also need to take the blinds down and put up some curtains. The closet doors need to be fixed or replaced and I’d also like to paint the inside cabinets.

Ahh… I just have too many house projects planned, but this may have sneaked to the top of my list!

Do you have a fun craft room, or plans for one?