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It’s amazing how much work goes into tiling such a small space. I think I underestimate how much work a project will be every time. This was no different.

A couple of weeks ago I left you with the saga of the old thinset on the floor.


Saturday morning we opened up the window, the door to the garage and the garage door, put up some plastic, and taped over the bottom crack of the door to the bathroom, and sanded. There was way too much to just sand it all off, so I just sanded it down to a relatively flat surface. In the end there was dust EVERYWHERE. Just everywhere.

Anyway, that afternoon I began the process of tiling. I didn’t take many pictures cause I was too busy dying tiling. I laid down, measured and cut some tiles before I actually started, then started cutting tiles as I went (with the help of Zack, love him!). I ended up picking out the MS International Metro Gris tiles from Home Depot. They’re pretty big measuring at 12×24 which has its pros and cons. The bigger the tile, the less tiles I had to lay down, but my biggest downfall was their weight. When you’re lifting, measuring, cutting them all evening it gets exhausting. I don’t think my body has ever hurt so much in my life. I didn’t even get it finished that first night.

When it came to cutting the tiles I used two things. First, a tile cutter:

Tile Cutter

You can get a small one for about $20. It scores the tile, then snaps it. It worked 99% of the time, only screwed up once. I borrowed one, but it only fit tiles up to 12 inches, so I could only cut the width of the tile. I didn’t want to spend $70 on a 24in cutter. The other downside is it will only cut the full length/width of the tile, no partial cuts. So to make any funky cuts we had to use a wet saw. I was lucky enough to borrow this from someone too. We used it to cut the length of the tiles, and to cut around the corners and pipes.

On Sunday Morning I finally finished the tiles. I did a victory dance which consisted of slowly easing my sore body onto the couch. But I was so happy with how it was looking:


Despite me trying to clean as I went, it was still a big mess.

Tuesday night I was finally able to grout which is one of the easiest parts… but still really messy. Friday night I was able to caulk around the edges of the room. A great shout out to Polyblend because they sell grout and caulk in the same colours at home depot. I’m sure there are other brands that do that, but I’ve used Polyblend stuff a few tiems now. I went with the dark grey “Pewter” colour. Then on Saturday I put some sealer on the grout.

And I’m so thrilled with how it turned out:


I actually thought the grout would come out darker, but I’m still pretty happy with it. Ignore the horrible mess I did around the edges with the caulk. It was my first time caulking and the trim is going to get painted again when I install the beadboard anyway.


For now everything has been shoved back into the room to save our poor kitchen from the dusty, messy disaster it was for two weeks.


What’s left to do in this room?

  • Install beadboard
  • Cut/hem curtains
  • Install shoe cabinet
  • Install Coat Rack
  • Install bench
  • Build extra shelving
  • Build/Install cabinet to hide litter tray
  • Replace light

    What did I learn on my tiling adventure?

  • Buy premixed thinset. It’s more expensive, but SO worth it
  • Don’t use too much thinset. If you do, it squishes up between your tiles and makes a big huge mess when you try to get rid of it.
    And because before and afters are the best:



    I almost hate walking on it…