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Tomorrow I’m headed way up north to Mackinac Island for my best friend’s wedding. In celebration, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite top TV weddings. SPOILER ALERT some of these are pretty spoilerable, although most are really old, but a couple are fairly recent (so spoiler alert for The Mentalist… and Castle). And a couple of these are sort of fake… well you’ll just have to look to find out.

Stargate: SG-1 – Sam & Jack

My OTP. Sadly this is a fake one. In the Season 10 200th episode aptly named “200” the team pitches script ideas for a movie based off of a show based off of the SG-1 team (it makes sense, really). One of these pitches involves Sam and Jack getting married. While it doesn’t really happen, we know that Sam and Jack are now totally married and living happily ever after.

Charmed – Piper/Leo

It’s been forever since I’ve watched this show, but the Piper/Leo love is serious and at least their wedding was actually real.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Buffy Angel

Ok, another fake. This one is from a dream Angel has, and even though it ends with Buffy bursting into flames, this wedding has my shippy heart tingling from all the pretty.

The Office – Jim/Pam

Oh PB&J <3

Mentalist – Jane/Lisbon

I’m still in Mentalist withdrawal. I need this show back. I can’t recommend this one enough, such a great character show and, I mean, Simon Baker.

And now let’s look at some weddings that we were so happy for, but were sadly disappointing

Mentalist – VanPelt/Rigsby

RigsbyVanPelt Wedding
Oh I loved these two, but after Rigsby’s adorable proposal, 5 mins later we’re watching them get married at a court house? Ummm no, where’s the big pretty wedding? And Jane only sort of went? Disappointed. Also, am I the only one who thiks it’s weird that she wears the dress she got for her wedding to the FBI guy who was a Red John follower?

Castle – Beckett/Castle

What is this horrible green screen sunset? And why weren’t Ryan & Espo there?? So dumb. Such a let down Castle.

Now I’m sure I’m missing a bunch, so throw them at me. What are some great TV weddings, and what were some big let downs?